Can baby sleep overnight in the basket?

Yes. All of our basket bassinets are made for newborn sleep. They are safe and must be used as instructed. Our baskets are made and compliant with US and EU safety standards applicable to Bassinets. Lead testing is also performed on the items.

Our bassinets can be used up to 18lbs or when baby is rolling over/sitting up alone. This is generally around 5-6 months depending on the weight of your baby and how quickly they develop. Parents must keep an eye on development to know when to transition to crib. After this milestone, it can be used only while attended. Our baskets are not carrying devices and should not be used with any other cushions or blankets than the liner, sheet and pad (foam pad or organic kapok) provided. The most important part of use of any baby product is the safety of the baby, although it may be convenient to use outside of the guidelines, it is not advisable or safe to do so (e.g. Using as Carrier, Using after milestone, using with additional pillows or loungers when unattended).

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