Bassinet FAQs

  • Are all Patterns, Colors, and Designs Exactly the same?

    Design Dua items are handmade by artisans. No machinery is used and therefore pictured patterns/designs can be slightly different on each basket. Natural grass can stick out at times and can be lightly trimmed. Patterns: Our artisans work to make the same pattern for each named design but this u...
  • Do you offer Vegan Bassinets?

    Yes we do! When available, vegan options will be available:
  • What’s the difference between the Bilia Bassinet and the Nap & Pack?

    The difference is only in the design. The Nap & Pack is designed to work better with your home decor once baby grows out of it. Both are safe for use as bassinets.
  • When will you restock?

    We restock periodically and encourage you to use our Restock Notification on the product page. As soon as some become available, you will promptly receive an email.