Are all Patterns, Colors, and Designs Exactly the same?

Design Dua items are handmade by artisans. No machinery is used and therefore pictured patterns/designs can be slightly different on each basket. Natural grass can stick out at times and can be lightly trimmed.

Our artisans work to make the same pattern for each named design but this ultimately depends on the way the grass aligns when weaving. No machine or pattern is used to draw the pattern on, it is not painted on, it is woven into the lines. This is an incredibly difficult task and done with a lot of skill. Please note that we have a very high standard for the items and work very hard to replicate designs and colors but this is a natural handmade product. We encourage anyone who may be very particular about this to choose our natural plain designs.

All items are hand dyed and colors depend on the base color of the grass which can vary depending on the color of the grass. Elephant grass is like hay and dries from green to a range between green, yellow-beige, and brown. For instance, yellow and blue are mixed to make green. Environmental factors heavily influence the coloring of the baskets. The natural elephant grass varies in color but it is initially green.  This serves as the base color, which affects the final result. This is natural and we can not change this. As a result, when dyed certain colors can vary slightly. We can not guarantee specific tones of colors. Natural baskets are not dyed and their color is the same, dried grass.

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