Warranty, Damage, & Parts

Damage & Assembly Parts

  • We will gladly replace damaged (mail damage as well), non-functioning, or missing parts at no additional charge, if notified of the problem within 15 days of receipt.
  • We do not replace baskets due to shaping. This is normal, please see care instructions & videos on how to reshape.
  • If you face an issue with assembling your stand or any accessory part once in use, we will also assist you to make sure your purchase is usable within 6 months.
  • After 14 days receipt, we will only replace parts based on our warranty, we will not refund or return used items or items damaged in use. *

Warranty Information

  • Design Dua products that were purchased directly on our website are eligible for a 6 month manufacturing warranty, which includes product defects not caused by customer use or washing. The following issues are not covered by our 6 month warranty:
    1. shrinking fabrics
    2. discoloration from laundry detergent/color bleeding
    3. uneven fill after washing
    4. Items purchased from our Imperfect Collection
    5. Damage caused by removing the tags/safety labels
    6. Damage caused by tampering with the zipper seam/closure etc.
    7. Items damaged by incorrect use.
    8. Baskets damaged from being left wet, in damp place, or in sunlight.Please read our use and safety instructions completely. Misuse and damage caused by any of the above is not a defect and can not be replaced. Please email team@designdua.com, with any manufacturing concerns and our team will be more than happy to work with you on resolving any issues.

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